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The birth of the superface brand was inspired by the studio’s inspiration. The founder, as a well-known in Asia, pursued the ultimate in lens visual effects. They deeply realized that the director’s perfect and delicate makeup is the soul of the high-definition lens. In 2016, superface was founded in South Korea to create professional makeup products with the highest aesthetics in Asia, create a superstar face under the spotlight, and bring a new super beauty experience to women around the world.



SUPERFACE是由在许多国际广告届多次获得过奖项的香港导演Larry Shiu和韩国导演Jung Son一起创立的自主美妆品牌。SUPERFACE是和演员们在广告拍摄中,总结复杂又繁琐的专业化妆技法的同时,着眼于灯光和镜头的视觉效果中获取品牌的灵感,最大程度简化化妆步骤,SUPERFACE产品力求色彩与功能的合二为一,力求打造出立体而精致的超级脸孔。

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