Song Rao

Song Rao is from Beijing, China, currently studying in master program in Sustainable Environmental System in NYC. He loves fashion but also cares the environment, and believes fashion is not only about the cloths but also a tool of self-expression. So he utilizes fashion and visual art to state his point of view of climate change and sustainable lifestyle. Hope his content can motive people, particular young people living in a modern city to enjoy their lives and also protect our environment.


设计师Song Rao意识到,生活在这一代人中如何才能利用社交媒体和互联网的力量,将那些令人困惑的学术内容转换为社交媒体语言,使年轻人意识到如何表达自己的观点。同时,他擅长运用时尚和视觉艺术来表达对气候变化和可持续生活方式的观点。

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