L E L A L E S was founded in Xiamen in 2014. Both  founders graduated in Traditional Chinese Painting major from Xiamen University. With unique painting symbols, LELALES jewellery is conferred with a classic and modern sense

The “LE” in “LELALES” is the masculine definite article in French language, while “LA” is the feminine one, and “LES” represents the plural form of the two. Altogether, they form the ideology of the studio.



LELALES于2019年正式推出第一个完整系列,品牌名取自法语定冠词 LE、LA、LES的组合,灵感汲取自包罗万象的自然界,隐喻了其设计的包容性。设计师擅长以绘画的手法进行创作,强调「形」的重要性。同时,受当代艺术影响,LELALES的设计兼顾了丰富的细节,材质与实用性,推出了一系列出具有当代感的饰品。在性别流动的时代,满足不同人群的佩戴需求。

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