Kung Ka Ki

Born in Hong Kong and graduated from Wai Lee technical institute then to Central saint martinis College of Art and design, his 25 years+ of deep experience with brand such as Daminai and Chow Sang Sang, working as Chief designer creative director, has enabled him to take on the creation of both couture jewellery and commercial jewellery using precious metal and material, and oversea the full process from conceptual design, to actualization and making of the piece. His extended knowledge in commercial jewellery retail and branding sets him apart from the designers and leads him into the creation of own product lines.

KUNG KA KI’s brand value is to integrate Chinese and foreign history and culture to create modern jewellery. Provide cultural content to be integrated into life and become one with the wearer.

Kung毕业于世界著名英国艺术大学圣马丁学院,25年的珠宝设计经验让Kung对各种贵金属材质的运用灵活自如,深度了解消费者的喜好。其品牌COMME POESI用简约流行的设计,助力佩戴者自我态度的表达,使得更多的年轻消费者了解认识并爱上珠宝,并成为珠宝消费者。品牌采用可循环发展的环保新技术,减少珠宝设计中所造成的环境污染,并保证佩戴者的使用安全。

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