KSide Liu

KSIDE LIU was created in Shanghai in 2019 by two graduates of master fashion design from POLIMODA Insitute of Fashion on Design and Marketing. Based on the design concept of “restraint but ever-changing”, the brand applies minimalist effects to the design and considers the chemical reaction between restraint and delicate.

Adhering to the high-quality fashion attitude, in the selection of fabrics, they select Italian and Japanese high-quality imported fabrics and suppliers of well-known domestic brand fabrics. In terms of production technology, they have hired a platemaker who has produced training clothes for Tiangong No. 1 and its outstanding old tailors in Shanghai to make garments.


由毕业于意大利柏丽慕达Polimoda的Vivian和K共同创立的KSIDE LIU,打造出高品质且高性价比的品牌,从设计到做工再到版式和面料都是严格优选。品牌想要表达一个克制却又千变万化的设计理念。

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