Knit Club 1990

KNIT CLUB1990 is a knitwear designer brand founded Yan Li. Graduated from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design Textile Design in 2014, Yan continued to pursue her interest in knitwear design profession after graduation at a well-known womenswear brand COMME MOI in shanghai. To instill strong personal style into the design, Yan launched her own brand in 2019.

The brand takes inspiration from contemporary art and sub-cultural elements from the 1960s, like Twiggy.

Using uniquely developed knitted patterns to express the theme of each season, Knit Club 1990 wanted to introduce a style that is position between retro and modern art.


KNIT CLUB1990是主打针织品类的设计师品牌,可直译为针织俱乐部。品牌设计师李彦就读于伦敦中央圣丁设计与艺术学院,同时在伦敦针织设计师品牌 LEUTTON POSTLE实习。曾在知名女装设计师品牌 COMME MOI 担任针织设计师一职。KNIT CLUB 1990使用独特的针织图案来表达每一季的主题,希望为热爱复古文化的顾客重塑60年代风格。

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