Fangfang Marceau

The designer initially started designing herself because she didn’t have the right jewellery to shoot a blockbuster. Then in 2018, she founded the Fangfang Marceau fashion jewellery brand.

She loves the simple lines of Art Deco jewellery to bring great rhythmic visual impact, and the powerful lines and symmetrical structure to express the beauty of the times. A keen observation of nature can often be her creative inspiration, whether it is the winding lines of flowers and vines, the pop rays of sunlight, the arc of waves hitting, or the beautiful contours of animals. Designers are keen to transform these natural lines into modern design language.

The designer has studied and worked in Paris for many years, and her experience in luxury brands and fashion magazines has also given her unique control over the quality and aesthetics of products.


FANGFANG MAECEAU是于2018年创立的时装珠宝品牌。设计师曾在巴黎学习和工作多年,在奢侈品牌和时尚杂志社的任职经历让她对产品品质和审美有着独特的把控能力。无论是花草藤蔓的蜿蜒线条,阳光的波普射线,海浪激起的弧度,还是动物优美的外形轮廓,设计师都热衷于将它们转化为摩登的设计语言

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