DOVETAIL, is an attitude jewellery brand for confident and powerful contemporary women. Inspired by ancient Chinese mortise and tenon joints, it contains yin and yang and balances with control, just like the power of women. As an extension of their bodies, jewellery accessories help them to be quiet soloists with a neat style that does not follow the trend. When such a group of users are looking for jewellery accessories, they hope to find a modern, individual and non-sensational design, and DOVETAIL’s accessories provide them with a new choice-minimalism, refinement and eternal style.

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DOVETAIL, 是为自信、有⼒量的当代性打造的一个有态度的时装珠宝品牌。灵感源中国古代榫卯,内蕴阴阳、以制为衡,与性的⼒量如出一辙。珠宝配饰作为她们身体的延伸,⽤不随波逐流的落风格,帮助她们做一个安静的独行者。

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