Devil & Detail

The founder of glamorous & niche personal care brand DEVIL & DETAIL is a seasonal marketing communication professional in a Fortune 500 global company, with strong expertise in beauty and personal care space. A refined personal brand image is key to business and social life, it’ s no longer just about lipstick or showy logos. Devil is in the details, that’s her belief.

2017 is launching time for its first product “DEVIL & DETAIL Damas can rose mouth rinse” . “Bad breath is one of the most imperceptible detail. Most mouth wash products are with alcohol and the taste is spicy and a icier. A portable-sized and natural taste mouth rinse is what the market needs.” , said by Sarah Chin, Founder of DEVIL & DETAIL.



DEVIL & DETAIL是全球第一个小众精致个人护理品牌,专为对生活讲究、对细节高要求的群体打造。“讲究 不将就”的品牌精神体现在产品生产、包装设计及使用场景上,他们相信,魔鬼藏在细节里。

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