Cylinder is a contemporary designer and cultural creative brand founded by Ian Chu, and Lingyu Hao in 2019. The brand focuses on discussing the current dynamic youth ideology. 

It is committed to redefining pioneering, social-relevant ethnic groups through clothing and visual content, and clothing itself becomes the carrier of ideas and consciousness. Similar forms of uniform spread in the community.

INS: @cylinder_official

CYLINDER由Ian Chu和Hao Lingyu于2019年创立的当代设计师和文化创意品牌。该品牌专注于讨论当前充满活力的青年意识形态。它致力于通过服装和视觉内容重新定义具有开拓性,有社会性的群体,让服装本身成为思想和意识的载体。

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