Chen Yu Luo

Graduated from The College of Fashion, University of the Arts London with a bachelor’s degree in Jewellery, she is still studying in MA Artefact in the college. The works exhibited this time are the jewellery undergraduate graduation design of 18 years, and the theme is language violence.

For her, jewellery design is not only an ornament that she needs to wear on her body, but also a medium to communicate with others. They are also works of art that can carry the designer’s concept.



设计师陈瑜洛毕业于伦敦艺术大学时尚学院珠宝专业,目前仍在同一学院的MA Artefact在读。设计的作品的灵感主要来源于社会性话题,比如语言暴力以及该如何面对死亡。这一系列作品是设计师的本科毕设,灵感来源于小时候曾遭受过的语言暴力,她希望能通过这一系列的作品警醒观众,语言暴力所带来的伤害有时候更甚于肉体上的暴力。

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